Grimm's Rainbow Ball Run Ideas

The go-to playbook for using your Grimm’s Rainbow toys creatively so you can make the most out of them while also creating and connecting with your little ones with ease and joy.


This playbook includes:

⚡️ 32+ plug-and-play ball run ideas using only 3 Grimm’s Wooden Toys (namely Grimm’s Large Rainbow, Semi-Circles and Building Boards), ensuring these beloved toys never gather dust on the shelf and you saying goodbye to playtime stress.


⚡️ Over 400+ step-by-step photos and videos to take the guesswork out and help you and your little ones recreate these ball runs intuitively and successfully with so much fun!

⚡️ Easy-to-follow instructions, complete with hints and tips, making assembly quick and effortless, so playtime is less about frustration and more about creating joyous memories with your little ones.


⚡️ Graded by four levels of difficulty so you can tailor the complexity of play to your child’s developmental stage, skills, and learning curve, keeping playtime both challenging and engaging.


⚡️ Endorsed by the brand owner, Grimm's Wooden Toys, itself, reaffirming the quality and appropriateness of the play ideas for your Grimm's Rainbow toys, ensuring that they align with the brand’s values of safety, creativity, and child development.

Add this playbook to your toolkit today for a huge helping hand to curate, connect and create with your little ones 💛

I am so confident that this is the playbook to help you creatively connect with your little ones that there is even a happiness guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can request your money back within 7 days.